Healthy Diet Check-In #1

Today, I’m keeping track of everything I ate. I may keep this up for a week or more until I get a better sense of what I routinely eat (and how much of it).

Healthy Heart cereal with almond milk (150)
1 serving almonds w/chocolate chips (160)
1 chocolate mochi ice cream (100)
5 brussel sprouts w/EVOO (40)
Handful of peanut butter crackers (50)
Vegetarian burrito (250)
Half an apple (45)
Small salad w/chopped walnuts (30)
Yogurt-covered pretzel bites (50)

Total: 875
Exercise: None
Comments: This *always* happens to me. When I fill myself up on healthy food, like vegetables, there are way fewer calories than usual in my daily total. The absolute best is when I exercise because then I really work up an appetite. Also worth mentioning: this (the ice cream) was my first introduction of dairy back into my diet after a 1.5-week hiatus. I’ll see if I notice any changes in how I feel, but I will still be making a concerted effort to cut most dairy.


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