Healthy Diet Check-In #3

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Now, let’s take a look at the damages.

Raisin toast with peanut butter (140)
Trader Joe’s health bar (150)
Gaterade (50)
Tortilla chips with guacamole (200)
Tofurkey hot dog with whole wheat bun (300?)
1 piece watermelon (20)
Vegetable kabob (100?)
Strawberry lemonade (60)
Pound cake small piece (50)
Two spoonfuls chocolate ice cream (50)
Culver’s frozen custard with Andes mints (300?)
1 cookie (150)

Total: 1570
3.1 miles (5K)!
Comments: I ran a full 5K without stopping (except for six seconds to take a drink at the two-mile mark). I am so incredibly proud of myself. Even though it was “only” three miles, I now name this as one of my biggest accomplishments in my life so far. I ran the whole time! ^_^ Also, this was a holiday, so I’m just thankful that I didn’t get up to 2000. Can you tell I just had dessert for dinner? Oops.


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