Health: Recommitment

Can you believe that I’ve barely started this self-improvement blog and I’m already failing on one of my main goals (health/fitness)?

Weather has been very hot where I live and my parents refuse to turn on the air conditioning unless the temperature is 90 degrees or higher three days in a row. So (even though I know this is awful), I have not been exercising. (It’s not an excuse; I faint easily in the heat.) After work, I lounge around the house feeling miserable from the humidity and I’m completely unproductive, but that’s another subject entirely.

The past few days, I have slowly started falling off the healthy eating bandwagon. Well, I’ve been falling off this wagon pretty much ever since I started eating dairy again. Today, I had 300 calories worth of dark chocolate-covered almonds, 600 calories worth of deep dish cheese pizza, and a 100-calorie chocolate fudge cookie. Altogether, that’s a whopping one thousand unhealthy calories. Obviously, there are going to be struggles on the weight loss/healthy eating journey. My issue, really, is caving in to all the crap just because I ate one unhealthy item. July 3rd I ate pizza and then I just…didn’t really stop since then. I don’t want to have a highly restrictive diet because I know that I cannot sustain that in the long run. Additionally, I would probably be miserable because I love food. A lot.

So, here is my game plan for the next month:

1. Exercise when temperature permits. If the air is turned on, then use the elliptical, as well as floor exercises and weights. If it’s very hot, consider waking up for a run before the sun goes up.
2. Drink 4 bottles of water per day. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Seriously.
3. Consume 1200-1300 calories per day. 1200 with no exercise and 1300 when I do  exercise.
4. Weigh-in on Saturday. As usual. There’s no need to record it because there’s no way I could forget how much I weighed the previous week.
5. Prepare and organize healthy food. Look up healthy dairy-free recipes, prepare carrots in advance stored in tupperware, and look up healthy dessert recipes. I could never survive a healthy lifestyle change with nothing sweet!

There is still a lot I need to learn about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. Sometimes, I wish I could see a nutritionist or dietitian so I could have personalized instructions on exactly how I should eat so I can be as healthy as possible. I think having a supportive fitness and health-minded community would be really helpful to me at the moment. I know that there are a lot of healthy supportive groups on tumblr and Instagram. How about you, WordPress? Follow me and I’ll follow you. Let’s do this together!


4 thoughts on “Health: Recommitment

  1. That bandwagon is soooo easy to fall off of! I’ve found it is just an never-ending constant fight to say healthy. But it is a good fight. Good luck!

    1. I know! There’s just so much good food in the world and it’s so easy to make excuses on not exercising. You’re right that it is a good fight because your ultimate reward is the best: look better, feel better, and live longer!

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