My Relationship with Food

carolyn park ridge2
Trying spanakopita yesterday

On this blog, I will talk a lot about food. I may complain about eating too much of the “wrong” food and about how that chocolate muffin just wasn’t “worth it.” I may talk about my schemes to eat less food and my goals to choose meals that are healthier. I may count how many calories there are in everything I put into my mouth and swallow (not meant to sound dirty, I swear). So, I think it is entirely fitting for me to clarify both to myself and to whoever may be reading this that I actually love food. A lot! I am sad to say that there was a time in my life when I did not truly savor or enjoy what I consumed. I would waste away meals with Cheez-Its and plain pasta with butter. During those times, I ate for sustenance. In the past few years, my attitudes about food have changed dramatically. I have come to really value eating food that is pleasing to my taste buds. I eat out more than I ever did and I even write detailed reviews about my culinary experiences on Yelp. Unlike before, I have also grown to love trying new things. My relationship with food now includes all types of fish and seafood. For example, my former self would be shocked to hear that I absolutely love tako poke, which is octopus served the Hawaiian style with lots of flavor.

As a result of my new very positive relationship with food, I also realize that I need to watch just how much of it I eat! My healthy lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with strict restriction of any food item that I enjoy. If I’m craving mochi ice cream, then I’ll have it and be done with it. 100 calories of sweet mochi ice cream goodness will certainly not cause me to balloon up into a whale. However, I do believe strongly in portion control and moderation. One of my main health goals when it comes to food is to eat healthily without depriving myself of the occasional indulgence. What can I say? I love food!


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