Rose-Colored Nails

IMG_9798It’s been a little over a week since I last painted my nails, so I decided to get to work! I never really enjoyed painting my nails because they never looked very good. I’ve gotten several manicures over the years, but I always wondered why my nails just didn’t look like my friends’. There were two reasons why: 1) I bit at my cuticles as a bad habit and 2) my nails were required to be kept short for playing the violin. I’m enjoying a short hiatus from violin for the first time in my life, so I figured now was the best time to enjoy painting my nails and letting them grow long-ish!

Obviously, you can see the cuticle on my index finger standing out and the paint job isn’t perfect, but I’m still pretty proud. I have an interview tomorrow, so I’m glad I have freshly painted nails! I’m wearing “Smell the Roses” by L’Oreal, which is from my local Walgreens for $6. I’m still testing out my lightbox and I know the lighting is a bit off, but I’m learning!

My question to you: What brand of nail polish and/or color do you highly recommend?

Note: I know that this blog does not focus on one certain topic like nail polish or healthy recipes, so I just want to apologize to any of my followers who are only interested in certain posts I make. I’m just imagining some of my male followers seeing this post in their Reader newsfeeds. 😛


5 thoughts on “Rose-Colored Nails

  1. That’s a pretty color! I sell AVON so I try to always wear their brands so I can “sell it” when people say “ooh that’s a nice color”. Still not sure if its my favorite yet. I still prefer going and getting my nails done! I hate to take the time to paint it myself!

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