Acai Spinach Smoothie

I have wanted to start consuming green smoothies as a way to get more vegetables in my diet for quite some time. Originally, I intended to wait it out until I got a Vitamix. However, given that I don’t have a job yet to finance said power blender, I whipped out my mom’s old food processor. It’s old as in she and my dad received it as a wedding gift. To my surprise, it did a fantastic job of pulverizing the spinach! If you’re curious about green smoothies and haven’t tried out out yet, then make this smoothie! This smoothie has 150 calories and can easily be a breakfast meal replacement.

IMG_98061. First, you need to start with preparing your ingredients (see above). I used an acai puree packet, half a banana, six strawberries, and about 3/4 cup of spinach. If you want to ease into the spinach, go for 1/2 cup.

IMG_98072. Next, put everything into your blender/food processor/whatever you’re using. I also added a dash of almond milk to help everything blend together. If you have a more high powered machine than I do (you probably do), then it’s probably not necessary to do that. Press blend!

IMG_98083. After you can see that everything is blended smoothly, pour your delicious drink into a cup and enjoy! As you can see, mine doesn’t look much like a “green” smoothie, but it still has a decent amount of spinach. The best part? I could barely taste the spinach!

Do you have any favorite green smoothie recipes to share? Tell me in the comments!


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