The Skinny on Shopping at Goal Weight

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went shopping for the first time yesterday after finally reaching my goal weight. I thought I would share with you about some of my observations on this new experience. Shopping for clothes when you feel comfortable in your body size is definitely a huge improvement over shopping when you are overweight.

1) Once you reach your goal weight, you’ll look good in almost everything. I say almost because there are definitely still some styles that will never totally flatter my figure due to my pear-shaped body (like bandage dresses and skinny jeans). Generally speaking, you will be amazed that it is actually your reflection in the mirror at the dressing room!

2) As a result, shopping will be a big confidence booster. Trying on clothes used to be a chore because you would look in the mirror and just be reminded of how overweight you are. But now that you’ve reached your healthy optimal weight, you feel great about yourself trying on new clothes. Even if you don’t buy them…

3) Shopping will become much more difficult because you look good in everything. At my heaviest, the only thing I had to decide while shopping was, “Does this make me look fat?” Now that you look good, virtually nothing makes you look fat. All of a sudden, you have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

4) It may be hard to find a dress or outfit in your size. It really depends on the store for this one, but I have found that a lot of upper end stores in particular will not have dresses that are small enough to fit me. This is especially true for me specifically because I am only 5’2″. While shopping about a month ago, every single dress I tried on from Nordstrom Rack from the 0-2 dresses section was too big. So many Americans are obese nowadays that it’s no wonder that there are so many dresses in larger sizes!

5) You may feel embarrassed to ask the overweight store employee if there is a size 0 available. Or maybe that’s just me. Just like how someone who is overweight may feel awkward asking about bigger sizes, I also found myself feeling a little self-conscious about the size 0. A size 0 just sounds so incredibly small that I almost feel embarrassed to ask!

Sample dresses. Sorry Microsoft Paint ruins the images!
Sample dresses. Sorry that Microsoft Paint ruins the images!

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