5 Tricks I Used To Transform Myself From Being Super-Shy To Being Super Not-Afraid-To-Go-For-It Confident

This is my very first reblog, which I am sharing with you because I think that many of us can benefit from advice in being more confident (myself included). The author really hits the nail on the head in this incredibly sound advice in learning confidence by getting out of your comfort zone.

Thought Catalog

When I was in high school sometimes I used to think of funny things to say in class. This was a thrill for me because I really liked to think of funny things.

But then the whole thought process started. The one inside my head that told me not to say anything because if I DID IT WRONG IT WOULD BE TOO AWFUL TO BEAR.

What if everyone thought I was dumb? What if no one laughed? What if the popular girls thought I was stupid for speaking up? What if I lost the friends that I did have? What if the teacher was mad? What if I couldn’t speak because the heart I felt throbbing in my chest was so loud that no one could even hear the words that I wanted to come out?

Then I tried to do the teenage equivalent of YOLO. I made myself raise…

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