Mint Nails

IMG_9901I decided it was high time to get on the Essie wagon to see what this nail polish was all about. So, I dropped $8 for the “Mint Candy Apple” color because I have been wanting to get mint polish for a long time. I finally cut my nails a few days ago and I found it way more difficult to paint my nails. But, short nails aside, I’m left not feeling very enthused about my newest polish. From the get-go, I could tell that the polish was thicker than usual, more reminiscent of my old nail polishes that are way past their prime. I don’t know if this bottle had been sitting on the Walgreens shelf for too long or if that is the normal consistency for Essie nail polish. Regardless, the thickness makes it really difficult to paint nails. The polish went on in thick, slug-like streaks and never dried smoothly after two coats. I’m left wondering if there is a certain technique you should use for Essie nail polish or if I actually have a bad bottle.

Nail polish wearers: What is your experience with Essie nail polish? Do you like it?


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