New Earrings and Statement Necklaces!

A few weeks ago, I posted about a few jewelry pieces I added to my very small collection. I’m very happy to report that I have a few additions to add: two necklaces and two pairs of earrings. The top yellow necklace from Anthropologie was actually the first thing I have ever bought from the shop. I’ve tried on several dresses there, but I still had not pulled the trigger on anything, so I was excited. (The fact that I was shopping with my Anthropologie-loving friend may have had something to do with that. I tend to be influenced by my friends in my buying decisions when we shop together. Does that happen to anyone else or is just me?) The earrings and other statement necklace were on sale at JCPenney.  I was able to purchase all four for only $63, which was quite a bargain! One of my main fashion goals to attain is to build up a decent statement necklace collection and I’ve been doing a great job.

Anthropologie, $30
JCPenney, $9

Next up are the earrings. I have an allergy to nickel and some other yet unidentified metal(s). As a result, I actually don’t currently have a single pair of earrings that I can wear without my ears getting red, puffy, and itchy. With the intention of systematically going through pairs of earrings to figure out what I am able to wear, I bought two pairs of relatively inexpensive earrings. I hope I can find budget-friendly earrings that do not give me an allergic reaction so I don’t have to blow $$$ on pricey ones made of purer materials, like platinum or titanium. The $5 pair below has a 99% probability of giving me a reaction, but I’m more optimistic for the $20 pair, which is silver-plated.

JCPenney, $5
JCPenney, $20
JCPenney, $20

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