Updates Galore

I am currently dictating this entry via the microphone on my iPhone 5s, so forgive me if there are some mistakes. Even though I have not updated my blog for like five months I have been doing very well on all of my goals. Well, almost all of my goals. I definitely need to work on forming the habit of wearing my mouthguard at night and also flossing my teeth. I work one overnight shift per week at my job and, during that, I am able to go through my list of 80 different things that I want to work on this year of being 24 years old. This has been a really great way of keeping me on track and reminding me of all this things that I want to accomplish this year.

I want to review some of the things that I have accomplished so far. I went shooting at the shooting range twice and I shot guns! This was a very nerve-racking but also adrenaline filled experience. I am proud to say that I am now not as frightened of gunshots as I had been previously, so I called this a big victory. I also had the pleasure of going downhill skiing for my very first time and it was extremely exciting. With the help of my boyfriend, I was actually able to progress over the eight hours that we skied to the black diamond slopes. I am still slightly in off of that fact and that I had so much courage to try something new and scary. I have also been working toward a lot of different fitness goals. For example, I joined a gym and I have been regularly working out with my running, biking, and swimming to prepare for a triathlon in August. I also completed a swimming class at the local YMCA and I progressed so much during my class. My times were so much faster at the end were so much faster than at the beginning. I have also been working really hard on forming healthy eating habits. For example, I stopped eating cheese and pizza entirely during the Lent season. Even though I’m going to start eating cheese again in about a week, I learned that I had previously depended on cheese to get protein in my diet and that’s not healthy at all. I have found a lot of healthy alternative foods and I feel really great. I have a lot of energy! Obviously, one of the items on my list was to purchase a smart phone and to figure out how to use it in a way that would enhance my life. So, I decided to buy an iPhone 5s and, wow. I have not looked back! I am still discovering new features daily. I am particularly excited about this phone’s ability to dictate what I say. It’s amazing! Maybe I was previously just completely behind the times in technology, but I seriously cannot believe that this phone has not made a single mistake in the entire time that I have been dictating this entry.

There are a few items on my list that are going to be more difficult than the others for me to cross off. For example, I do not know when I am going to be able to go bungee jumping or skydiving or air ballooning. Those things kind of terrify me and they are also very expensive and kind of dangerous. They will take a lot of strength for me to accomplish, but at least I have only required myself to try one of those things. I will also have to be proactive about registering for 5K and 10K races with my running progress. With my training so far, I usually run about 1 mile before stopping. I have been really successful in shaving down my 1 mile time to eight minutes and 55 seconds. However, a 5K and 10K are obviously a lot longer. So, I will begin to focus more on how far I am able to run instead of how long. There are also four different trips that still need to happen by my birthday. One of them is to visit my brother in college. Another one is to visit my little sister in college and I am almost positive she will be going to college in Boston in the fall. Another trip is to visit my paternal grandmother’s grave, which is in Arkansas. Finally, my last trip is to go to either Alaska, Canada, or Northern California. My job situation is uncertain, so I do not know how all of those trips are going to happen if I have very limited days off. Finally, perhaps the most difficult of all, is that I want to find a job where my skills are utilized, I make more money than I do now, and my physical safety is not at risk like it is at my current job. Really, I want to be in the education field. So, I will have to work a lot on figuring out how to make that happen.

Wow, so this has been my fairly long entry with me talking, so sorry if it sounds quite informal. There are a ton of items on my bucket list for age 24 that I did not mention in this entry, but I have been working hard on almost all of the items. Take care, everyone!


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