1. Play violin regularly. This could mean joining a community orchestra, playing in a string quartet, or simply taking up a solo piece to work on individually.
  2. Read books for fun, especially adult fiction, memoirs, young adult, psychology, and education genres. Magazines and newspapers count, too!
  3. Make your study abroad in London scrapbook.
  4. Write something creative every week. Write vignettes. Write something. Think of it as every week is NaNoWriMo.
  5. As often as possible, write at least a page reflecting on your day in your journal.
  6. Learn bass clef by heart and learn to play basic level piano.
  7. Learn to strum properly on your mandolin.
  8. Create a photo album/scrapbook for at least three people.
  9. Officially join KKG and SAI alumni chapters.
  10. Set up a small DIY photo studio at home.
  11. Learn how to edit photos using a program like Photoshop.
  12. Create 3-second video/day master video.

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