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The Sunshine Award

sunshine awardThere was no better way to start my Sunday morning after completing my very first grown-up 40-hour work week than to log onto WordPress to discover that the wonderful Kate of the blog A Hundred Affections had nominated me for an award! I started my blog in early July because I realized that I was less than six months away from my 24th birthday. 24 is my favorite number and I realized that I wanted to make sure, in whatever way possible, that 24 would be an absolutely incredible year for me. What better way to ensure that than by improving myself now, as a 23-year-old? So far, I have blogged about my journey, covering topics such as how to win sweepstakes (okay, I still haven’t won one), healthy recipes, and progress on individual fitness goals. It makes me feel happy that I can be a little ray of sunshine through my “ideal me” journey for someone else!

“The Sunshine Award recognizes bloggers whose writings “light up the dark corners of our minds” The rules are simple and provided below: (1) Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post. (2) Do the Q&A below. (3) Pass on the award to 10 – 12 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them and link to their blogs.”

Having thanked Kate, I’ll get to answering those just-for-fun questions!

Favorite color? I always cite a tie between purple and blue. Blue is certainly my favorite color to wear, probably due to my light blue eyes!

Favorite animal? Dolphins are my favorite. I love how they look happy all the time and have that gleeful chattering sound they make.

Favorite number? 24! It’s funny that is a question on here given its significance to this blog.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink? I drink good ole-fashioned water more than anything else, but my go-to drinks otherwise are unsweetened green tea, mango smoothies (!), and hot chocolate during fall and winter.

Favorite alcoholic drink? So, I don’t drink. I have taken a few teeny tiny sips of drinks because I’m really curious about what they taste like. So far, all I’ve figured out is that I really, really don’t like top shelf whiskey.

Facebook or Twitter? Definitely Facebook. I created a Twitter account a few years ago, but I never really figured out how to use it. I only tweet occasionally if I need to share something for a giveaway.

My passions? Helping other people, working with kids (especially those who need help the most), reading, writing, spending time in the great outdoors, meeting new people, trying new things, living a healthy lifestyle, playing the violin, seeing performances in the arts, etc. Overall, I enjoy spending my time in such a way so that at the end of the day I think, “Wow. I really took advantage of the fact that I’m alive today.”

Now, here are my nominations! This was tough as I enjoy a lot of wonderful blogs here on WordPress.

25 before I’m 25

The Shut Down Runner

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities

278 to Boston

100 Days of Evelyn

GRIT by Brit

Project Light to Life

Ajaytau 2010

Honk If You’re Vegan


Conquer the world.


Thanks for having amazing, inspirational, fun-to-read blogs, everyone! 😀


The Best Moment Award

best-moment-awardWow! I can’t believe that I have been nominated for my very first blog award, the Best Moment Award by the wonderful 278 to Boston. I encourage you to check out his blog where he details his journey to running a marathon (ultimately leading to the Boston Marathon). If you need inspiration to run, then look no further; you won’t believe that he’s in his fifties, used to be 278 pounds, and probably runs more than you! This nomination really helps keeps me motivated to continue trying my very best in my own journey toward my ideal self. So, thank you so much for the thoughtful nomination; it means a lot.

Here are the rules:

1. Display the logo. 
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State seven things about yourself. 

1. I got serious about getting fit and healthy when I realized I was too weak to pick up a four-year-old boy at my summer job.
2. I am a classically trained violinist and I have been playing since I was four years old.
3. I am a certified middle and high school English teacher in search of a job (preferably in the Chicago area) after completing student teaching.
4. My absolute two favorite foods in the world are pizza and smoothies.
5. I have been dating my boyfriend for over two years and I sometimes forget that we are different races (he’s Vietnamese). As far as I’m concerned, we and are both compassionate human beings and that’s all that matters!
6. I had absolutely no desire to wear a pair of pants until I was in third grade and even now I still prefer dresses.
7. The only book that I have ever started to read without ever finishing is In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.

4. Nominate 15 bloggers (or however many you can) for the award. I haven’t been around WordPress for very long, so I’ll nominate my some of my favorite blogs with which I’ve come into contact since I started (not including 278 to Boston, of course!). I would love to get to know all of you even better. 🙂 These are in no particular order.

100 Days of Evelyn
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Life at Le Rheims
A Hundred Affections
Project Light to Life
Joshua S. Nye
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