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First Day

mefirstdayorthoschoolTuesday was my first day of school, but this time I was not the student or even the teacher. I was the counselor. The dormitory counselor, to be exact, otherwise known as the person who spends every waking (and sleeping) hour with the kids when they are not in class. This school is different because the kids don’t leave; they live there. And for 40+ hours a week, I sort of live there, too. First days are special because you are often filled with all kinds of emotions: excitement, fear, nervousness, joy, and hope, to name a few. First days are magical because your impression of this new chapter in your life is completely untarnished by any negative experience that may be in your future. The first day is the most beautiful and pure experience you will ever have when it comes to that particular life journey. “Anything can happen,” you think. “Think of the people I will meet and the lives I will save.” But then, what comes after the first day is the real journey. The first day is just the beginning, as rose-colored and perfect as it is. After the first day is when relationships are built and progress is made–all the real important stuff. So, everyone, enjoy your first days, but look forward to everything the future holds!