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24 Bucket List

Reality hit me today that I turn 24 in six days! Even though the journey to turning 24 has been important, I am all the more dedicated to making 24 an absolutely incredible year. While sleep-deprived at 6:15 AM during my last overnight shift, I drafted a bucket list to be completed before I turn 25.

I’m not going to include the whole thing on here right now because it hasn’t been finalized yet, but I thought I would offer a taste of what is on it:

  • Either complete a triathlon or at least be registered for one in 2015.
  • Go to at least one live concert of a band/artist you love. Preferably more!
  • Finish watching every single AFI movie on both 1998 and 2007 lists.
  • Run a 10K or a half marathon if I get really into running.
  • Make a time capsule and bury it somewhere that won’t be disturbed for many years.
  • Visit Yosemite National Park, Alaska, or Alberta, Canada. Backpack.
  • Make London study abroad scrapbook.
  • Visit both siblings at college.
  • Visit bff at grad school.
  • Learn how to comfortably parallel park.

I want 24 to be awesome because a) It’s the last year that I’m closer to 20 than 30, b) It’s my favorite number!, c) I love having an excuse to push myself in the sake of self-improvement. When I’m 25, I will have my specific goals. The same goes for when I’m 26 or 46 or 56. For now, I’m focusing on the now: enjoying the last few days of being 23 and looking forward to everything a new year and a new age will bring. 🙂


First Things First

Hello, internet!

So, I have a few specific goals that I am going to focus on in particular this week. These are the easiest things to improve upon because they are so straightforward.

1. Get a haircut. Seriously. The amount of split ends my poor hair is rocking are not cute. At all.

2. Remove nail polish from fingernails and repaint in Fourth of July colors.

3. Have a multivitamin every day.

4. Remove all makeup before bed.

5. Early to bed, early to rise.

6. Brush twice and floss every day.

7. Drink lots of water (~two liters per day). In other words, about four of those 500 mL plastic water bottles.

8. Write one-page journal entries.

9. Make and decorate Fourth of July cookies with royal icing.

10. Submit one job application.

11. Type up and send board of directors committee meeting notes.

12. Study for two exams on Saturday.

13. Run 5K.