Beauty. Vanity. Whatever you want to call it (the grammarian in me cringes at this blatant sentence fragment). This section relates to some of my surface-level self-improvement goals.

  1. Protect your skin. Purchase and then use proper skincare products daily. This probably involves a moisturizer, toner, cleanser, defoliant, and who knows what else. Figure it out and establish a proper skincare routine. Also, wear minimum SPF 30 sunblock every day you’ll be in the sun at all.
  2. Learn how to (really) wear makeup. Purchase makeup products like primer, foundation, and blush. Then, figure out a daily makeup look that works for you, as well as more daring weekend looks.
  3. ALWAYS remove makeup before bed.
  4. Get a haircut every three months. Consider getting an “out of character” haircut, which might include layers and/or side bangs (even if you do it once and start growing it out again immediately).
  5. Purchase high quality clothing that fits well. Less is more (*cough* no more Forever 21 dresses). Try petite clothing at places like J. Crew or consider getting outfits for work tailored.
  6. Your wardrobe should have the following: jeans that make your butt look good, a matching skirt and blazer outfit for interviews, a colorful cocktail dress (or, you know, a handful), a sexy “going out” dress.
  7. Now for the shoes: comfortable yet fashionable work shoes, Sperry’s, comfortable “going out” heels, and gym shoes.
  8. If wearing nail polish, it should look fresh. If not, use nail polish remover. No chipping!

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